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Category Archives: food and drink

Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale Review

Nuts + Ale = A fine drinking experience Until recently, I only took a slight interest in what I call artisan beers. My boyfriend is a former homebrewer of beer and a real fan of your more independent and smaller beers. To me, beer had always been a beverage that I drank with meals or [...]

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USOUNDS presents Sommelier Julius P. Johnston, IV

The days are now shorter and the nights a bit nippy. The twinkling white lights are out in front of the shops and city bistros. The holiday season is in full force marking the annual phenomenon of massive consumerism and “permissible” indulgence. What an appropriate time of year to drink wine. Is there a bad [...]

Chaz Bartok’s Beer of the Month: Czechvar: King of Lagers

The other day a ladyfriend, red with fury, screamed at me: “Do you really think life is all about long hair, hard rock, trans ‘ams, and beer?!” I paused for a second in deep thought, then threw back my mane, took a swig of my brew, pressed play, and left her in a cloud of [...]