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Jenni Potts, The Fourth EP – by Shrie Bradford

6.7 I’ve been putting off this review for a couple of weeks now. I was thinking, all of this time, that Jenni would turn out to be bland – another pretty girl with a bad habit of playing guitar. 1.76 songs into The Fourth EP, her debut out on Clickpop Records, Jenni convinced me that [...]

The Annuals – Live at the Rock and Roll Hotel

This was my second time at D.C.’s Rock and Roll Hotel in the span of a month, this time to catch The Annuals. Technically the band goes without the “the,” but for the sake of reader-friendliness, I’ll be including the definite article. The show was on a Sunday night, which was curious given The Annuals’ [...]

M83 Digital Shades Vol. 1 [Mute]

Rating: 8.0 Ambient electronica, as the name implies, is a genre that demands scale over scope. Brian Eno’s gift to music has had a rather uneven history, mostly owing to the fact that it’s extremely difficult to get right without tottering into either instrumental overload or the dubious lure of world music. Furthermore, as technology [...]

His Name is Alive Xmmer [Silver Mountain Media Group]

Rating: 6.0 In 1990, His Name is Alive released their first album on the prestigious 4AD label in England. The Livonia, Michigan group established itself as an experimental and sometimes ethereal pop band throughout their tenure with 4AD, which ended in 2002. Last year’s critically acclaimed Detrola was their first release for the Silver Mountain [...]

Two Gallants Two Gallants Saddle Creek

Rating: 8.5 I have an oddly unironic obsession with playing solitaire. My fancy little PDA-cell phone has a built-in solitaire game, and I play it endlessly on the bus. I’ve been going at this for a couple of months now on my commute to and from work, keeping a little note with my high scores [...]

PJ Harvey White Chalk [Island Records]

Rating: 8.0 Rural Southwest England is where Polly Jean Harvey is originally from and it is where she has returned to after living abroad for several years. Her new album, White Chalk, is a stripped down, piano based recording that reflects the pastoral and remote setting where she once again resides. It is also the [...]

Nina Nastasia and Jim White Live at the Tractor Tavern Seattle, 10/07/2007

Walking into a fairly empty venue on Sunday evening, I was surprised to see only about fifty people in attendance at what turned out to be a great show. I had missed the opening act and Nina Nastasia was already on the stage accompanied by one of the greatest drummers that I have ever seen, [...]