New Band Feature — Stencil!

Photo by Kelley Bingham

Today’s USOUNDS new band features five-piece orchestral indie pop band, Stencil (Jared Fiechtner, Sean Anderson, Joseph Schultz, Brad Martin, and Glen Yoshioka). Jared dropped by the USOUNDS HQ to answer a few questions about the new album, Weekend at Bernie’s III, and barrel-chested actor Brian Dennehy.

USOUNDS: Your new album, the dead lie golden was recently released in February. Did you plan this release around National Hot Breakfast Month?

Jared: Well, we all really love a good hot breakfast. I mean how can you not like a nice warm meal directly after waking? Pancakes, sausage, bacon, hash browns, they’re all great. Hell, we went entire weeks without eating anything but Huevos Rancheros while mixing the album. And although I can’t honestly say we planned the release of the dead lie golden around the celebration of National Hot Breakfast Month, it has worked our rather nicely.

Marble mp3

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The Best Bands Found on MySpace

As many of you have noticed, Myspace™ is now home to legions of bands, teens, artists, children, predators searching for children, children posing as adults for the period of time it takes them to close their fingers around quiet places, adults posing as teens and pre-teens in order to fulfill a desire to be treated once again like a child or at least to not have to live up to the lofty standards of adulthood, and all the rest within the amorphous group that makes up the unwashed masses. For this brief moment, though, we will focus on the bands. What follows is a selection of music found on Myspace – some bands are new to me, others have been found only in passing, and yet others remain noteworthy simply because they are about zombies. Zombies that eat brains.

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New Band Feature: Saturna!

Photo by Justin Dylan Renney

Today’s USOUNDS new band feature brings the spaced-out, jovian sounds of Portland, Oregon’s Saturna. Band members Ryan, Eric, and Steve sent us a really catchy mp3 called Pop Rocks, and answered a few questions about the new album, Chuck Norris, and how much ass they get as a band.

USOUNDS: What can you tell us about your new album, All Night?

ERIC: We concocted it in Steve-O’s super-secret underground lair, fueled by credit cards and bountiful amounts of lousy Mexican food. The last song is the same as the third song. And we’ve never met the girl in the All Night photograph, but we’d like to tell her thanks. Thanks!
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