Dizzee Rascal Stabbed

Underground UK rapper Dizzee Rascal (review from Clarence Baxter forthcoming) was reportedly stabbed while on Holiday in Cyprus. Word on the street is that a rival UK hiphop crew may be involved. NME reports that So Solid Crew star Megaman has been interviewed by police in connection with the stabbing. Dizzee has been released from the hospital and is recovering. More news available at NME.

Interpol Teams With Kraftwerk Producer

Interpol To Release Remix Of ‘Obstacle 1’ With ‘Planet Rock’ Producer

Arthur Baker, who has produced Hall and Oates, Kraftwerk, and the famed Planet Rock record by Afrika Bambaata, will work on Interpol’s next single.

“Arthur Baker is a legend,” bassist Carlos Dengler told VH1 ” ‘Planet Rock’ ó I mean, Planet Rock, c’mon! He’s just done so many amazing things.”

In addition to Baker’s work on “Obstacle 1,” the band enlisted Ladytron’s Daniel Hunt to take a crack at reworking “Untitled.” Both remixes should be unleashed on the public, in some format, later this summer.

Godspeed You! Questioned

Godspeed You! Black Emperor Questioned as Suspected Terrorists, Continue World Tour
Renowned Canadian nontet Godspeed You! Black Emperor were held for questioning as possible terrorists at an Oklahoma gas station last weekend, while driving from a concert they’d played at Fort Worth, TX’s Ridglea Theatre to a show to be held the following Monday at the Blue Note in Columbia, MO. According to Tom Windish, a representative for the band at The Billions Corporation, the band pulled their two vans and white-panel truck, which they use for toting equipment, into an area gas station to refuel. Upon seeing the motley crew of nine musicians, the station’s attendant phoned the police, reporting the possibility that the band might be terrorists.

Beastie Boys mp3

Beastie Boys Issue Anti-War Mp3

Beastie Boys announced today that they would be making the brand new track “In A World Gone Mad” available for free download effective immediately.

“We felt it was important to comment on where the US appears to be heading now,” explained Beastie Boy Adam Yauch. “A war in Iraq will not resolve our problems. It can only result in the deaths of many innocent civilians and US troops. If we are truly striving for safety, we need to build friendships, not try to bully the rest of the world.” Click the link at the top of this article to download the track. Peace.

Radiohead Album and Tour News

The new Radiohead record is due June 10 in North America. Rumored album titles “2+2=5” or “Are You Listening” could not be confirmed, even after numerous calls to their direct line from the USOUNDS offices. A single will be out in mid-may– Capitol Executives have reportedly heard the album and are very pleased with it, gleeful over the chance to score both critical and commercial success.
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