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  1. Yo peeps its me again saying another shout out 2 all me breds that includes emma(baby cobain shortie),claire(sexy sexton my mane girl),lucy(me buffy mad patmore girl). Anyways these r me girls 4eva so if any1 tries 2 get rude 2 dem ill get dat person set straight up. Dizee is 4real love wat ur doin specially jezze,i luv u,fix up. Great lyrics 4real all me m8z luv ya 2 bits.My mane wandsworth girl claire luv ya loadz and baby cobain of cours and last lucy me battersea patmore girl. Love ya all 2 bits. If any haters out there then wat ya doin wasting ya time on dis site u dickheads 4real. Nough love 2 all da fansxxxx. LOVE MUMMY COBAIN (LADY HYPER) BIG RESPECT 2 ME MAN TEMPA FRM EARLSFIELD (HENRY PRINZE)XXXXXXXXX

  2. Hey girlz u best read these shout outs in i.t.Im finally going out wit him wooh. Baby cobain u now have a proper dad the right colour 2!!!!!!
    Its jezzabell here tight top short skirt tinks she 2 nice u get me. Plz dont tell mich girlz cuase if u do im gonna be in big shit 4real.I love you all 2 pieces 4eva member dat. Emma is dizee’s tru wife so all u kats fuck off.David/spike r Lucys mans so u kats can fuck off der 2.Sexys man is beckam so u kats can fuck up 2. Of course last but not least my mans Daryl/kurt cobain so all un kats der can really fuck off. Any1 tries 2 interfer wit me and my galz mans den ill fuck u all up u here FUCK UP BITCHS U HEARD!” Loadz a love 2 me mans,dizee and me top gals mentioned of course. MUMMY COBAIN LADY HYPER

  3. Another shout 2 me sexy gals again and man u all no dat i love ya so im gonna be very blunt im listening 2 claires favorite justin song at the moment r u happy girl noing that u nearly broke my heart in a piece or! tHE WAY I FEEL ABOUT YOOOOU , LAST NITE CANT BELIEVE WAT I WAS HEARING-IT WAS THE LAST NITE.I remember in december clare and her spanish boy woz holding hands and he woz her man. Cant they go bck 2 that baybe. im a joker. love ya all babes BABY COBAIN 4 LIFE SEXY SEXTON 4LIFE AND I STILL LOVE YA EVEN THOUGH U LOVE BECKAM CUASE I SAW A PIC OF HIM ON THE INTERNET AND HE LOOKED GOOD YA NO, LUCY ME SEXY WEIRD BUFFY LOVE YA BITS 4EVA 2 EVEN IF YOU DO THINK THAT DAVID.B IS BETTA DAN MY DAVID.BLAINE. loVE U ALL TO BITS AMY

  4. ewrjhfdjkhfu chjn uyr ulyeur huiy urheyro7euewy rehulwyerjhbrlghghlwehrwiywHYREWUHRWEGVF RFWUERDYHWRG666 666 6 666 666 666 DEVIL

  5. Wagwawn dillan u r so buff. keep reepin 4 other young black uk artists they deserve the respec. Although everyone was sayin Asher D smashed u dey r so wrong ur lyrics r over grimey. 1 line of yours can smash all asher d’s lyrics put 2gether. u r buff no matter wat any heads say it ain’t all bout da light skin it’s bout the brown skin. understand
    *************i luv u u u ***********************


  7. safe dizzee rascal is ova buff man
    all dem h8rs man jus jelous of him wts da point bare girls like him man hes jus ova buff! hes songs 2 grimey man i dnt care its grimey
    i wna meet him man hes 2 buff!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i will neva h8 n e of hes songs like u get me!
    n e ways l8rs x-x-x dizzees my man x-x-x

  8. ne1 go 2 c justin at earls court? dizee was there… hes ok, but didnt think he was very gud that nite, but hav heard sum of his tunes, and think hes amazin niow!

  9. wagaun & merry christmas and ting.dis websites got nuff h8ers & breders.rassdem aint got nuttin 2 do wiv der likkle yout self tryin 2 run off dizzee like dat, cha!!!.sendin it out 2 my south n my east dem.oi my niggas up in ere send out da luv dis christmas yeh!wen ur ravin dnt be screwfacin or thiefin or beefin just skank n stay real ya get me!keep ur black selves fed free.well ave a top chritmas dizzee n a nang n happy new year.stay ble$$ed.keep it livo still.nuff luv likkle soldier AKA Angel!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx$$$$$$$$$$$$xxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. yo peeps i fink dizee rocks his songs r ace specialy fix up look sharp n jus a rascal der is a hole load ppl hu love dizee n im 1 a dem big up yall ppl o n big up rudloe masive x
    o n im a female :p

  11. yo yo dizze rascal this da woolwhich boyz ya kno who we r we seein u tryna represent ghetto boyz dem fucked bidaz and why u puttin out call on ur album on jus a rascal u kno we somalianz r mad we will robb u again
    and we gonna shoot u about biggin up ghetto boyz fuck rool deep and ghetto boyz we r woolwhich boyz and somalians

  12. shut the fuck up u pussyholes why are u hateing on dizzee for .coz you danno you aint as good as him so stop hateing a your all jackin because you cant aford your own shit so go lick behind your dads balls if he haz any .and y0ur mums roar smelly , fishy ,hairy clit.

  13. o my god dizees songs r wackid m8s at da begginin i didnt lyk dem dat much n wen his songs came on tele id turn dem of but now m8 im luvin dem lyk jezebel i call sum of ma m8s dat lol n i love u m8 the words r wel gd n loadsa odr song dam boi u rule lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxchazxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Dizzie rascal is an ill mc, asher d no way beat him in that battle, (can someone send me the jus a rascal lyrics???/??? cheers

  15. I LOVE DIZZE!!
    I must agree tho he iz butterz but his music is da bomb.I luv “i love u” i kno al da wordz n it nw!!!!

  16. i’m a aussie and love the dizze different style and many of me mates do come do a tour in melbourne u will make it big boi

  17. wot can i say man,

    dizzee is a fresh, new, original tallent

    and he is gonna do well

    i take my hat off to him!

    go on diz, give it sum shit!

  18. why on ur album cover are you trying to look like some kind of animal? like a rabbit or sumthin? roll play? or just to look ‘cool’?
    gd music tho but too commercial now – tbh everyone knows u

  19. this wanna be ass poor excuse for a rapper mutha fucka needs to move on …see if that wak shit flys in america

  20. Hey….I just wanted to say Dizee Rascal…..Suck. Nobody likes him here……in the states. Keep it in the Uk/Europe.

  21. MC NEB – Ave you got digital. Then keep watchin Channel U (467) then you’ll see it.

    Why muss you Americans hate? You lot dun know Talent blad. Dizzee Rascal is old skool like happy shopper. Hes ova gully for real…. dun hate becuz you only got losers

  22. hey ya’ll! dizze rascal is the fittest guy on earth and his music is gr8! luv ya hun keep it up! yr music is the best thing since sliced bread.


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