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Guided By Voices MP3 Review by Chaz Bartok

chaz bartok

So last week the weather was so sweet, I decided to jump in my ‘am, fire up the built-in bong, and drive a few ladies down to the turtle races and wet-t-shirt contests. The usual suspects were blasting in the high-fi, til one of the ladies (either Jenn or Kendall, can’t remember which one) starts whining that I listen to too much G ‘n’ R, Black Sabbath, Led Zep and other shit from the olden days, and that I was swerving all over the road. Well honey, I says, I can’t do nothin’ bout the swervin’ but I can play you the new GBV single, “My Kind of Soldier.” Shit ain’t even come out yet it’s so new…

You can listen too: Guided By Voices “My Kind of Solider” mp3


Devo mp3 Reader’s Choice

After months of extensive polling, we have determined that the readers of USOUNDS favorite Devo track of all time is…. “Beautiful World”. So without further ado, here’s an mp3 link:

Devo Beautiful World mp3

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The Rapture Echoes Album Audio Preview

The Rapture’s studio album “Echoes” will finally see the light of day on October 14th. Here’s an audio preview of what’s in store:

“House Of Jealous Lovers”
Click Here
Real Audio:
Click Here

The tracklisting for the record is as follows:


Double Royksopp Mp3 Review by Terrence, American Buddhist

I was recently visiting the monastery of an old friend in Vancouver, when I stumbled over the following Zen saying:

If you understand, things are just as they are… If you do not understand, things are just as they are….

Immediately my mind lit upon the Norwegian band Royksopp. Whether you like them, or don’t like them, there they are… creating polytextured beats for anyone to hear. When I listen to their music, I feel as though I’m the most sensational organic chemist who ever lived, relaxing in my mountain-top lounge with a large, machine-rolled joint of organic B.C. kush. Perhaps the reason I feel this way is that this is exactly what I’m doing at the moment, subtracting everything but the organic B.C. kush. In any case, I have located the first two songs from the Melody AM album and posted them here for you to enjoy, or not to enjoy. Either way, here they are:

So Easy


Smiths (and Moz) Mp3s of the Decade

Smiths fans you know that every 10 years we present our top 2 Smiths or Moz or presumably Jonny Marr songs of all time. Here is this decade’s results, complete with mp3 downloads for your mp3 collection:

1. There is a Light That Never Goes Out

2. Suedehead


Thievery Corporation Live Video

Thanks to our German friends at Prosieben, we have video of a live performance in Munich earlier this year. According to reader Esteban, the Munich show was epic, a dubbed out celebration of the Babylonian good life…

Click here for Thievery Corporation live video.

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St. Germain Review by Terrence, American Buddhist from our Archives

While a Buddhist such as myself prefers to abstain from the earthly pleasures that are so tempting to an ordinary man, occasional situations arise when such pleasures need to be explored, and indeed delighted in.

One such pleasure is the music of the wonderful French musician St. Germain. Life may be suffering, but to listen to the smooth, jazz inflected moderne sounds of St. Germain is to attain a small version of the sartori. The dance producer’s latest album, Tourist, transcends the often brilliant but occasionally gimmicky work of his first highly acclaimed record.