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The Swedish pop phenomenon is well documented, with bands such as Club 8, Komeda, and the Cardigans all making international waves and fans after just a few records. However the Finnish equivalent has not been as widely available or acclaimed... until now.

Cessna are a 4 piece pop group with an affinity for jazzy chords, lush arrangements, and sing-along (but quietly) choruses. The new record, a 7 song mini-album released by Radio Khartoum, features some sound enhancements: trumpet, synth, and vintage keys. Still in place is the unique two-voice vocal arrangement and that special Cessna feeling that cannot be described in words. (hint: download the mp3s on the right!)

The key to the album is the balancing effect of 4 devastating and beautiful melancholy pop songs, and 3 electric instrumentals that crackle with guitar and keyboard leads. The mp3 selections on the right are perfect examples of both. Coffee and Tea is achingly gorgeous melodic pop, while East Rigolo Motorway is an up-tempo instrumental that hits all the right spots.

For fans of: Belle and Sebastian, Cinnamon, etc.

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Coffee And Tea
3.6 mb from The Loves, Longings, and Regrets of Cessna

East Rigolo Motorway
2.7 mb from The Loves, Longings, and Regrets of Cessna