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The Cherry Orchard's second album, The World is Such a Groovy Place, has managed to capture their gorgeous pop sensibilities at their peak. Songs about love, regret, and all the other groovy things that make up the dreamy world where romantics live have been molded into pop perfection.

Throughout 1999, Jason Smith and Sara Onyett have recorded and produced the album of 11 tracks with engineer Kimberly Rew (the Soft Boys). The result is a classy, stylish mix of retro-pop and starry romance. The band's label, the incomparable Riviera, style Barons of Bordeaux, say "this CD is a huge step forward from their first album... keeping the same ingredients but adding something special which will make you fall in love with it immediately."

The mp3s selected from this record are very fine examples of the group's romantic pop style. Love Among the Stars is a romantic, dreamy track with a sing-along chorus and brilliant instrumentation. Feels Like Sunday is a bright pop song that nicely showcases the vocal talents of both Sara and Jason. Enjoy!

Buy the record: $13.00 from Darla (highly recommended)
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Love Among the Stars
by the Cherry Orchard
4.0 mb

Feels Like Sunday
by the Cherry Orchard
2.9 mb