The indomitable Chaz Bartok returns with a booze-soaked review of the The Strokes.


The CoolBPM Reviews are back from USOUNDS French (and global) beat scientist, Pierre Charbonneau MORE»

The Training Day Soundtrack (Dr. Dre, Nelly, Cypress Hill, Gang Starr and more) has much in common with the original modern hip-hop soundtrack. MORE»


He's got all the USOUNDS gossip, knows all the bands, and hears music before anyone else. And yet he's never written for us. Join our office manager and art director Salam Jenkins on a preview of the new Spiritualized album. MORE»

Not From There
"Latvian Lovers"
Not From There's epic debut album, Sand on Seven, alternately lulled the listener's mind with layered washes of sound then blew it away with blasts of intense art-punk rock. MORE»

Lance F. Rockaway checks in with the Paris Dispatch, featuring Erykah Badu MORE»

RUN-DMC are back with a new album, and DJ Henrik X, straight outta Oslo, has the review MORE»

USOUNDS welcomes Pierre Charbonneau with reviews direct from the French dance underground MORE »

Kittycraft: Catskills
Reviewed by Terrence, American Buddhist.

Greetings, friends and fans from around the world. It is with a joyous heart and a clear mind that I welcome you back to my column for usounds: le internacional. Life at the monastery has been exceptionally exciting and special lately, and it all happened in a most roundabout way. MORE

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Vespertime, Bjork's new record is due August 28th, and until then USOUNDS will be featuring special Bjork features. Check out our gallery of lovely Icelandic Goddess images HERE»

USOUNDS Presents:
Other Music Buying Guide
Thanks to the world's greatest record store, we are proud to give you Other Music's best music recommendations for this week. MORE»

New Pure Pop Chart!
by Tatsuhiko Watanabe
Once again the Japanese master of all things pop brings us an eclectic chart full of the world's best pop, including Madness, the Sneetches, Curtis Mayfield, and more. MORE»

2001: A Pop Fantasy
Featuring the Lucksmiths, Girlfriendo, The Aislers Set, and many more-- a pure pop festival in SF that is not to be missed. MORE»

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Kid Loco's new EP is due soon: the mp3s are located here, at one of our old favorite sites. Highly recommended.


The Hepburns will rock you inside out with their soul soothing pop sounds from the seafoam side of the British Isles. The legendary group returns this year with a new record from RK, and USOUNDS brings you the exclusive first mp3 downloads.

USOUNDS is proud to help premiere internacional label Radio Khartoum records celebrate the release of their latest gem, The Stations of Abandoned Days. From one of the most intriguing records of the year come 2 exclusive mp3s from Chesty Morgan and Cinnamon.

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