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Darla 100 is a four CD set commemorating the label's sixth anniversary and 10th release. Compiled for this special release are early, out-of-print singles, exclusive and out-of-print tracks from the ever popular 'Little Darla Has a Treat for You' series, greatest hits and 16 new and exclusive tracks from current Darla artists. The 4CD set comes in standard jewel case sized, absolutely gorgeous custom packaging graced by a John Conley (of Holiday Flyer) painting.

Featuring songs from artists such as The Grifters, Fuck, Guided By Voices, Orange Cake Mix, Junior Varsity KM, Technicolor, hollAnd, Lali Puna, My Morning Jacket, and many more, almost every song on the album is a rarity. For serious lovers of obscure, erratic, beautiful-strange pop that crashes and whispers its way into your head, and finds an unexpected way out each time.

The mp3s selected favor the most intriguing current artists on the roster. from the computer-based avant-electronic pop of hollAnd to the subtle electronic melodies of Lali Puna, to the wide-open beauty of My Morning Jacket. Enjoy these mp3s, as they are rare, precious jewels of pop, mined from all over the world by people who care. A warning though, once you've heard them, you'll want the other 63 tracks for your very own...

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Lali Puna

Foram Koten

My Morning Jacket
Weeks Go By Like Days