::: USOUNDS Exclusive Download: Soiree Cocktail :::

The Bossanova sound is decades old but thanks to Joao Gilberto's vision, and a new generation of interpretations, the bossa is still nova.

Soirée Cocktail is an internacional collection of bossa nova tunes released by French Label Aquatic. Featuring some of the finest underground pop artists, DJs, and groups the world has to offer, this is a unique and eclectic collection features acts such as Cinnamon, Baxendale, the Cherry Orchard, Louis Philippe, and Fantastic!.

If you're a fan of the internacional sound, this record is a perfect summer diversion for parties featuring stylish happenings and plenty of exotic cocktails...

The featured mp3s are smooth examples of how the Bossanova sound has been readapted for the 21st century international pop audience. 800 Cherries put a shimmering Shibuya sliver under a classique vocal arrangement, while Cinnamon add a touch of Bossanova sensibility to their gorgeous modpop mix... Download the tracks, then share your opinion here.

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::: Download: 2 mp3s :::

Garasu no kobin
by 800 Cherries

Hearts Can Heal
by Cinnamon