May 09, 2006
The Return of Dr. Octagon – Remix Campaign Week 1

Remember when Dr. Dooom murdered Dr. Octagon seven years ago on the opening track to Dooom’s First Come First Served? And remember how this catastrophic event caused the closure of Dr. O’s office in the Bronx and all of his patients were totally hosed because they were in serious need of rectal rebuilding and some of them needed turtles removed from their uteruses?

Well, the mf’in doctor is back. Somehow an mp3 surfaced at OCD International, and here is Mike Relm’s 20 minute Return of Dr. Octagon megamix. Stay tuned for more segments of this amazing 8 week long story and new interpretations of Dr. Octagon tracks by Prefuse 73, Kid Loco, Her Space Holiday, Rob Sonic, Skinny Man and more!

The Return of Dr. Octagon hits stores June 25th.

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