chaz his own words

i grew up in a small town (I'd rather not say where)i did all the
usual kid stuff, like running away to los angeles and becoming
a street hustler, running away to san francisco and
becoming a musician in a floudering hair-metal band called
"wax wings," stealing the neighbor's trans am... I
also popped a shitload of 'ludes, shotgunned some beers,
did some lines, stole some money...the usual USA kid's stuff.

by late '86 most of my dreams had been shattered. but
it was cool. I developed smaller dreams, like
dreaming of having anough $$ to buy some OE,
some white owls, a 20 sack of nuggets, etc. Little dreams
like getting fucked up and crusin my trans am around
town, listening to rockin tunes and letting my mane
blow in the cool night wind. my dreams always come true.

i got online in 1995. I used to write for the long-defunct "satirist,"
and for the Carpinteria Community College student paper. Now I write for usounds, who i gladly thank for hosting my first website.  Remember to send me your URL's, PIX, and personal letters. And remember to go fuck off while you're at it, you fucking fools.

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