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when I'm on the net it's just like when I'm in a bar.
I only care about 2 things-- getting drunk, and
getting laid. If you know the right sites, it's almost possible to do both.

Most of my massive porn collection was destroyed
in a tragic mishap that I'd rather not go into. So don't fucking ask about it. Anyway here are some choice pics. this page depends on you-- send me your .gifs, and your URLs. I will link to anyone who will display some free pix...

Anna Kournikova *some tennis player

indian chick with dildo
chick with weird sunglasses
german tourist? big titz and part of the weird sunglass collection
eva..what a nice ass
eva..what a nice ass2
spanish beauty on the beach-- amazing titz
ronaldo's girlfriend (not naked)
leopard skin pussy woman

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