by Phillippe Coulette

There are but a few things in life I hold sacred. One of those things is my lovely wife, Coverton, of whom we shall speak no more. Another is Theodore, the pilot of my GV, who is a great man and a great pilot. The third thing is, of course, the great bird itself. My gorgeous white streak of pure platinum, my sun of suns, my Gulfstream Five, finest, sleekest, and best piece of machinery on the planet.

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When someone tells you there are three things they hold sacred in life, it is natural to assume that they are so shallow that those three things really are the only three things he cares about. I assure you that this is not true in my case.

While I do indeed hold those three things above all others, there are other things that have value to me as well. Fine wine, for example. At the moment I'm drinking a very nice Shiraz from South Western Australia. Dry, dusky country. I know because Theo once brought me there in the GV. I recall the flight perfectly-- it was incredibly exhilarating.

Besides fine wine there's music. That's why I write for usounds. Although sometimes I think maybe the editors only let me write for the magazine because I let them fly in the GV with me.

Speaking of music, the best thing I've bought in a long time is Fantastic Plastic Machine's new one. Last night a close lady friend of mine told me, just as we left Paris, that she wanted something fun to listen to. Luckily the Fantastic Plastic Machine album was close at hand. Rest Easy, it's all perfect, I assured her. Some of the other lady friends giggled as the first beats of the FPM album came on. A woman spoke in French, snares skipped,  and  the girls started to dance in their sleek chairs. Theodore's voice came over the loud speaker, "Excuse me ladies and gentleman, please remain in your seats during take-off," but it was too late. Disco2000 was breaking out and champagne was already spilled on the ultra-suede.

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Fantastic Plastic Machine is the joy of music, cut up beats, 60's voice samples,  swingin' sounds. With elements of jungle, psychedelic, bachelor pad, and bossa nova, It's the perfect soundtrack to the movie in le internacional popstar mind, the movie that I've got to go live. Thanks a million, usounds. You're looking incredible, better than ever. Catch you next time I'm in town...

--Phillippe Coulette, IV


USOUNDS || 12.28.98

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