Erykah Badu, Paris

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My column is the Paris dispatch but I don't think since my first work for USOUNDS that I've actually written about my adopted city.

Whenever I finally return home from a trip, be it a short one or a 3 month wander, I always jump into a special night scene as my first order of business. Armed with cigarettes and some cash, I see as many women, smiles, bathrooms, bars, fights, until sunrise, when I meet some friends (mostly old, but hopefully with some from that night) at my apartment and begin to party in earnest.

When I'm out I want to hear it all, as visions blur bye and sidewalks are pounded and cloth seat cabs sat in. When I'm home I need something that can help me shake off the coats of nighttime but still let me feel their warmth.. something fur soft but rock hard. A few days ago, as I reentered the city in a rented Renault (the DS is in England in the shop! More on that some other time)

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