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Yo. Yo yo yo yo yo yo, yo-- yo. DJ Henrik X is on point, ready to bust some ish for all the cats of the world, ready to blow up this motherfucker with my money makin' Copenhagen skillz and my real nigga original oZlo flow for y'all.

Yeeah. Y'all betta recognize that a real nigga has just stepped on the scene, ready to bust heads like some foolz bust gats. Yo, lots of ish been going down and it be stressin me, yo. My girlfriend left town, plus a whole lot of other mad crazee dangerous shit been goin down but I'm just tryin to keep it real, hold it all together like a real nigga should, a-ight.

Let's get to the song reviewz n shit but first let me say-- I dedicate this column to all the mad real niggaz out there who down but ain't playa hatin', ain't tryin to cause trouble, just be flexin while the rest of the world be stessin', bringing mad flow and mad dough to the table, but keepin it stable. You can't see us, but we see you-- from Haugesund to Tromsoe  y'all better know dat!

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The Roots
Love Of My Life (Act Too)

Yo, straight up, this track is the love of my life, yo. In like 4 minutes this track unravels my whole life story-- a simple, humble (yet confidant and devastatingly handsome) cat caught up in all kinds of ish who finds hip hop and it keeps him real, yo.

This track is like beauty in a 4 minute bottle, yo. It's got it all-- tight, phat beats from my man with the fro, ?uestlove, a smooth, svelte bassline, little gorgeous singing voices, and mad crazee flow from two of the world's best MCs, Black Thought and Common. They both rips the track up smooth-like, like a jungle cat with gloves on and shit.

Yo a lot of cats be trippin on me this week-- they be like "yo DJ Henrik X, what up with your Roots obsession, yo? You crazy n shit??" To that I just got to say: yo chill the fuck out, nigga! Da Roots be the baddest cats in the land, the world's one and only hip-hop band, yo. You want to disrespect them? Go ahead and hang on my furry Norwegian balls while you're at it, bitch. Word.

Yo I don't need negative shit like that. All I want is to concentrate on spinning smart bombs like "Love Of My Life," which starts off with some of that trademark Roots intro shiznit: at first you're all confounded and shit and then YO! it all comes together like wet sand. By the time you first start feeling Thought's ill rhyme,

"The anticipation of the rose as time froze/ I stand off the stage with my eyes closed and dozed/ Into the deep cosmos/ The impact push back the first five rows/"

you realize that this track is special-- in 15 years when all this playa shit is long forgotten, this track will live on in the hearts and spirits of all the true headz around the world.

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Goodie MOb
Greeny Green

Yo this is my official bliznazed broccoli track of the month, ya'll.

This is one of those tracks you just can't help but feel, yo. It's the kind of shiznit that be burrowing into your brain and making a home there, for real yo.

I love this track for its tite beatz but also for its message: yo peeps around the world be going through some of the same shiz as these Suth'n brovas, we all gots to ALL get down and keep it real, yo.


Yo! I've run out of time and space, I gots to jet like my man phil coullette. Til next time, keep it real my niggaz, and everything will always be everything. PEACE.

USOUNDS | 6.30.99

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