Citroën of the Month: 1975 Mehari

Citroën’s wonderful off-road vehicle, essential to many USOUNDS adventures around the world, is the Citroën of the Month for January. This vehicle has multiple configurations and is best used in safari mode, with the front windscreen flipped down for maximum visibility. While there are many colors available, the first choice with this model should be orange, with cream or yellow as a fine second choice.

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Citroën of the Month: 1966 DS-19 Berline

The Goddess in one of its many forms, above is the Citroen DS 19 Berline (standard model) from 1966. Some preferred the Sport model with its increased horsepower, but that models “long and low” quotient was weakened by its shorter body, and thus the Berline is the superior model, in my opinion.