Miami Beach (South Beach) Travel Guide and Scene Report

Miami Beach. The name alone conjures clichés that date from the Miami Vice era, but the reality is that the party scene in Miami has been evolving steadily since then . In late 90’s the city boasted a “Model Season” and bottle service at the hottest club was a measly $100. Now things have gone through the roof in terms of nightlife quality as well as the amount of cash you need to drop to party in style. Nonetheless, Miami is a place that gives a great first impression and there is no better time to visit than in March.
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Rob Zombie Turns 40

… and our new Editor-at-Large, Hadley Tomicki is there. Hadley’s distinguished career has lead him around the world, from photographing ocelots in Mexico to draining the wine cellars of the world’s finest 3 star hotels. Dividing his time between Los Angeles and New York, Hadley writes for Black Book, Entree, Knife Collector, and other fine publications.

“Go ahead and touch me. It all feels real.”

Hearing these words in your ear at a Hollywood party is typically cause for arousal, but Rob Zombie’s 40th birthday party was far from typical. The speaker in this case was a dead man who opted to skip the plates of spring rolls and sushi in hopes of finding some fresh brains on Wilshire Blvd. Afterlife in L.A. must lead to malnourishment for the brain-starved. With make-up effects provided by House of 1,000 Corpses’ Wayne Toth, roughly 200 party guests intermingled with a cast of ghouls that included beyond frightening living dead, the Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein and funnily enough, a shabby Teen Wolf impersonator (has reality TV pushed actors to this?).
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Travel Guide: Rio and Sao Paolo: Part II: Rio

One of my favorite things about Brazil is the “ponte aerea” (air bridge) between downtown Rio and downtown SP. You can show up at the airport and get on a flight between the two cities for about $45 one-way. Flights are 15 minutes apart or less and the flight takes 45 minutes.

Flying in the morning allows you to see Sao Paulo’s gargantuan proportions, but even better is the view of Rio’s grandeur as you arrive. The city’s landscape is surreal; not even the great Salvador Dali could have imagined such a place. There are endless miles of powdered sandy beaches and lush green landscapes guarded by immense rock formations. One way to see Rio is from above, and though the view from a plane is fantastic, two of its most prominent tourist attractions, Sugarloaf and the Christ at Corcovado, get top billing as the best vista points.
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Hardcorner in Paradise

After years of radio silence, USOUNDS is pleased to present the latest dispatch from T. Philips Hardcorner, tastemaker, addict, and unknown muse of writers, musicians, and truth-seekers the world over. We hope to make this a regular column and have sent Hardcorner several new albums to review…

The Mexican sun was burning holes through my desicated eyelids as I was awoken this afternoon by Carmelita, my common-law wife. She was waving a telegram over her head and blathering on in her ungodly Indian tongue. Judging by her frantic carryings on and what little I knew of her aboriginal language, I thought the United Nations had finally caught up with my for my heroic series of war crimes of the second world war. War crimes, indeed! The fate of the world had been in the balance! What were the lives of a couple dozen filthy Jerry prisoners in comparison, I ask you?
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Scene Report: Montréal

Scene Report by Dan Tran

Should it be any surprise that most bands/artists make Montréal a part of their tour itinerary? After all, despite being a North American city, its architecture gives it a distinct European feel, which is also accentuated by the fact that it is the largest French-speaking city outside on this side of the Atlantic. The main reasons, though, that this north-eastern North American island attracts top notch talent worldwide? Consider these: The legal drinking age is 18, possession of marijuana for personal use is legal, and of the 30 largest cities on this continent, Montréal comes with the highest number of university students per capita. In other words, we know how to party.
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Scene Report: Santa Monica

A beachside anomaly in the City of Angels, Santa Monica is a walkable city that is well-planned with a downtown that is (almost) completely accessible by foot. But for too long the city suffered from an after-dark paucity of interesting bars and clubs. This year things are starting to change, with the opening of several new spots to complement the old favorites.
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