White Williams Interview…

A new form of music is emerging in the 21st century. Electronic pop sound or music coupled with electronic effects like in guitars, synthesizers, drums, and a wide range of other musical instruments is hitting the American airwaves by storm. One of the rising artists of this genre is White Williams.

The Cleveland native began his music career in 1999 as a drummer for Ohio area bands and established himself as one the best drummers in Ohio. Implementing the use guitars and synthesizers, Williams recorded Smoke, a compilation of songs that are defined by expressive lyrics and obscure musical arrangements. When I’m not busy playing online poker and Wii,  you can find me in my favorite chair listening to Walt. Click below to hear the interview.
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Jenni Potts, The Fourth EP – by Shrie Bradford


I’ve been putting off this review for a couple of weeks now. I was thinking, all of this time, that Jenni would turn out to be bland – another pretty girl with a bad habit of playing guitar. 1.76 songs into The Fourth EP, her debut out on Clickpop Records, Jenni convinced me that she is not talentless or boring. A mere 20 or so years old, Jenni Potts makes music that proves to be much more elegant and sincere than her years display. The Fourth does it all right – it’s pensive and pertinent; it’s slightly ambient, but jagged with rock girl mentality. Jenni has been through a lot, and you feel it in every croon of her voice. It seems as if all her anger, frustration, past tragedies, and depression are the fabric of this heartfelt unveiling.

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Music News

Breaking Hanson News: Guitarist Isaac Hanson of the rock group Hanson has been hospitalized at Baylor University Hospital in Dallas, TX after last night’s performance. Isaac was complaining of severe pain in his shoulders and chest. He underwent several tests throughout the night and has been diagnosed with pulmonary embolism. (Which occurs when a blood clot in the extremities breaks away and travels to the lungs.) If you google pulmonary embolism, the following picture is now the #1 search result.

Music News

Rolling Stone: Jimmy Buffet is suing Six Flags, claiming the theme park’s “Carrothead Club” for Bugs Bunny younger fans infringes on Buffet’s geriatric “Parrothead” community.

Some people claim that there’s a Carrothead to blame
But I know, it’s not the Parrothead’s fault