? ? Usounds writers Scott Roots and SnuggleBot (Jared Fiechtner) head to George, Washington for the 6th annual Sasquatch Music Festival. They wanted to keep a journal to document the weekend…what they end up with is more important than all of the world’s newborn infants. DAY 1, SATURDAY 9:30 am, SR: Sasquatch 07. It begins. […]

As USOUNDS’ archivist it is my job to find things from our back issues and relay them to you. Well, our entire 1974 archive was destroyed in a fire of suspicious origin at our storage facility outside Paris, but I did come up with a sentence from a review of the very show this video […]

In the LA area?  The Prix (pronounced “pree” not like a band of assholes) have two shows left for the year, and we are giving away tickets to each show.  Here are the dates: 11/23 – The Prospector, Long Beach, CA 11/25 – The Key Club, West Hollywood, CA (KRQQ Party)   We have one pair […]