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Leonard Cohen Live mp3s

Our friends over at SixEyes have some great mp3 downloads of Leonard Cohen live in a new performance from February of this year.

Check it out


Seabear vs. Seawolf

Seabear practice a new song in the bushes called, “You can suck it Sea Wolf”

Seabear – I Sing I Swim (I eat the dead carcasses of wolves) [mp3]
Sea Wolf – You’re a Wolf (Not an a-hole Bear) [mp3]


The A-Sides mp3s

The A-Sides bury a few dead corpses during Mitzvah Mania in Fairmount Park

The A-Sides are more exciting than the A-Frames and the A-team combined. You’ll see…

Cinematic [mp3]
Diamonds [mp3]
We’re the Trees [mp3]


Georgie James mp3 Review by Pemba Norgay


Usounds has been really busy for the last week and a half recruiting new writers, finding rare albums and bangin’ hos. So they pulled my ass out of the Himalayas to join the usounds reserve (which is kind of like the Army reserve but with less soldiers and more hard drugs and hella bitches) to do some mp3 reviews.

Georgie James “Need Your Need” [mp3]


Enon – Mirror on You mp3

Enon temporarily stash a few dead bodies near a high school football field until the weekend when they plan on renting a boat and disposing these carcasses once and for all in the Delaware River

Enon’s new album, Grass Geysers…Carbon Clouds is due out October 9th on Touch and Go Records. Here’s the first single from the album and you can check out tour dates on MySpace.

Mirror on You [mp3]


Another Good Life mp3


Our bff’s at Saddle Creek sent us another mp3 from The Good Life’s upcoming Help Wanted Nights. Purchase or stream the new album on the Saddle Creek online store.

You Don’t Feel Like Home to Me [mp3]

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Heavy Trash Download and Album Stream

Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray go way out of New York’s city limits to dump a few dead bodies.

Heavy Trash’s Going Way Out With Heavy Trash is out today on Yep Roc.

Outside Chance [mp3]
Going Way Out With Heavy Trash [Album Stream]