Maps We Can Create [Mute]


Rating: 5.5

Maps is the pet project of Northampton electro-head James Chapman and We Can Create is his full-length debut. The disc is a mix of shoegaze and New Order, a digital aquarium in which synthetic swims with organic. The synthesizer roadways mix with Chapman’s breathy vocals and his continental drift of beats and rhythms create a distinctive world. Although Chapman’s sound is alluring, his execution is faulty and meandering. All too often, We Can Create lulls itself to sleep under the weight of its own production and an absence of true substance.

It Will Find You [stream]

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Barsuk mp3s

Today you can stream the entire new John Vanderslice album, Emerald City, thanks to our bff’s at Barsuk. Also, the following bands have tour information posted on the Barsuk website:

John Vanderslice – White Dove [mp3]
Smoosh cover Block Party’s Modern Love [mp3]
Nada Surf – Blankest Year [mp3]
Menomena – Wet and Rusting [mp3]
David Bazan – Cold Beer and Cigarettes [mp3]

The Slice gets ready to prepare a 4-cycle gas cultivator that will quickly produce a giant hole to dispose of some dead and mangled bodes.

Music News Highlights

Rolling Stone: 1000 pics of James Blunt on his new album cover. If I knew photoshop, there would also be one picture of Waldo.


NME: The New New Pornographers are Rilo Kiley. New Rilo Kiley stream for “The Moneymaker”

WTF: This is not music related, but did you know there’s a Pirate Reality show called Pirate Master that follows 6 modern day pirates on their quest for gold? I accidentally watched part of this last night.

Leprechaun Commander to air in the fall

The Rock Radio: Bob Dylan has approved song remixes by DJ Mark Ronson and Chumbawamba. OK, not really Chumbawamba.