The Trucks Interview

Photo courtesy of The Trucks

Ladies and Gentlemen, fresh out of Bellingham, Washington.…. we have THE TRUCKS!

No, The Trucks aren’t a group of man-bears out for revenge against your mom because she caught your little sister humpty humpin’ in the back of their skanky, and sickeningly smoky, VW Bus. They’re four luscious ladies who will win you over with their boisterous fishnet electro-pop. Touted as the bastard love children of Peaches, Debbie Harry and The Bangles (with a little Kate Bush thrown in for good measure), The Trucks are sassing their way into our hearts, our pants and certainly our dancing shoes.

Shrie Bradford: So how did you decide on the name The Trucks? It wouldn’t happen to be because you all drive Cummins Turbo Diesel 4×4 Dodge Ram extended cab pickups complete with Superwinchs and KC lights, would it?

The Trucks: Marissa, our keyboard and xylophone player, just blurted out that name when we were first asked what our name was. She’s so clever.

SB: It’s a very satisfying name to say… similar to the word “fuck”, which we all love to use, I’m sure. I mean, I *fucking* do.

SB: I heard you played at both Sasquatch and CMJ Fest. You guys sure have come a long way since playing toy xylophones, a bass and a Casio keyboard. Do you happen to still play with toy instruments?

TT: It’s true, we feel pretty lucky about all of these awesome opportunities to play.

SB: So, it’s a no-go on the toy instruments then?

TT: We have upgraded our instruments from thrift store toys.

SB: Come on; tell me… how was it touring with the infamous Presidents of the United States of America, who penned one of most addictive and senseless songs of the 90’s?

TT: Well, Antarctica was a little bit too cold, but by far the cutest fan base
of cuddly polar bears and penguins.

SB: I would imagine that Antarctica is quite chilly. But what about the Presidents of the United States of America? Did they enjoy the cold Antarctic?

TT: Yes, they loved Antarctica, and all of the animals still in middle school went crazy for them.

SB: Do they play that song (Lump) live?

TT: Yes.

SB: Who of you is the wild and crazy party animal?

TT: The bi-polar bear.

SB: Hott. (I use the double ‘T’ to denote exceptional hotness, by the way.)

SB: If you could see one band live that you’ve never seen, who would it be?

TT: The Smiths.

SB: What bands, local, independent or otherwise, have really been doing it for you lately?

TT: A Gun That Shoots Knives, Zorbatron, and The Narrows. All three bands
started in Bellingham, WA.

SB: Is there anything to do in Bellingham? Besides be in a band, that is?

TT: Yes – watch bands play and eat at the taco truck.

SB: When you’re on the road and you snack it up at the gas station do you go for sweet or salty?

TT: Both, duh. My favorite snack is wasabi peas.

SB: If you could play a show anywhere in the world, with any band or singer in the world, who and where would it be?

TT: Justin Timberlake or Of Montreal. Who cares where, as long as we could play with either one.

SB: Do you get lots of propositions from guys because you’re all hot? If so, do you enjoy or abhor the fact that men are enamored with you?

TT: You mean the guys that we made a t-shirt logo about…’Duh Twucks play da “Titties” song.’ I guess that’s to be expected because we’re females.

SB: I don’t know what that means, but okay.

TT: We don’t like being drooled on.

SB: And finally, do you prefer the big or small hole fishnets?

TT: The layered look of larger hole over smaller hole fishnets is our favorite. Different colors are a plus.

SB: Excellent answer.

– – – – –

The Trucks first record, the self-titled The Trucks, is out now on Click-Pop Records. Stream songs from the album at and keep your eyes and ears open for their next raucous performance.

-Shrie Bradford

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