Breaking Hanson News: Guitarist Isaac Hanson of the rock group Hanson has been hospitalized at Baylor University Hospital in Dallas, TX after last night’s performance. Isaac was complaining of severe pain in his shoulders and chest. He underwent several tests throughout the night and has been diagnosed with pulmonary embolism. (Which occurs when a blood […]

Rolling Stone: Jimmy Buffet is suing Six Flags, claiming the theme park’s “Carrothead Club” for Bugs Bunny younger fans infringes on Buffet’s geriatric “Parrothead” community. Some people claim that there’s a Carrothead to blame But I know, it’s not the Parrothead’s fault

I spend a lot of time at So imagine how surprised I was to find that EJ has become embroiled in a child pornography investigation. AP: Masta P apologizes to House Panel (and to women in general) for past westside gangbangin’ lyrics. No longer will be singing “Bounce That Azz,” or “Bangin’”.

Rolling Stone interview clip with Britt Daniel and Jim Eno: Rolling Stone: Whatís the most rock star thing youíve ever done? Britt Daniel: Ten years ago in Salt Lake City I jumped offstage and knocked somebody on his ass during a song. I was wondering why he was at the show because he kept giving […]

NME: For some reason that dude from Reno 911 thinks it would be a great idea to make a Broadway musical based on Morrissey’s songs. Yahoo News: Music vids are going lo-fi because of falling sales and file sharing. Maybe that’s why we posted a video today that features joyful puppets.

NME: Dude from Supergrass sleepwalks his way out of a window, breaks back. Yahoo Music: If it has always been your dream that satellite radio will devote an entire station to playing non-stop Grateful Dead music, well, that dream just came true. The Dead in 1985 Also on Yahoo: to launch music service in […]