White Williams Interview…

A new form of music is emerging in the 21st century. Electronic pop sound or music coupled with electronic effects like in guitars, synthesizers, drums, and a wide range of other musical instruments is hitting the American airwaves by storm. One of the rising artists of this genre is White Williams.

The Cleveland native began his music career in 1999 as a drummer for Ohio area bands and established himself as one the best drummers in Ohio. Implementing the use guitars and synthesizers, Williams recorded Smoke, a compilation of songs that are defined by expressive lyrics and obscure musical arrangements. When I’m not busy playing online poker and Wii,  you can find me in my favorite chair listening to Walt. Click below to hear the interview.
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The Best of MySpace: Seaweed Jack


MySpace: Seaweed Jack
Recommended if you like: Seaweed, The Carne, Kicking Ass

As you may already know, usounds listens to all 196,442 bands on MySpace. This is 97 more bands than last week! I was not enamored by any of these new 97 bands and crossed MySpace paths with Seaweed Jack instead.

Seaweed Jack is pretty much the shit out of Spokane, WA since the garbage-eating metal goat was erected in Riverfront Park during expo ’74. For those unfamiliar, you hold trash up to the goat’s mouth which triggers a suction and pulls the trash out of your hand, and shoots it out the goat’s ass into a trash compactor.


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The Best of MySpace: The Upperhand



MySpace: The Upperhand
Recommended if you like: Hands, Piano, Crocodile Relations

Usounds listens to all 196,345 bands on MySpace. Yeah, I know, you’d think there’d be more, right? Well, there will be, and we will listen to those too.

For our first installment of The Best of MySpace, we would like to direct your attention to Seattle, WA band The Upperhand. Band members Nate, Ricardo, Luke and Seth are mysterious to me as there is limited info on the band website upperhandband.com or MySpace page. However, my investigatory research concluded that Ricardo is probably not Mexican which may be disappointing to some.

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Jessica Penrose Words Become Flesh [CakeCake Records]

The usounds HQ receives about twelve hundred thousand records a month. We hired a small group of writers to write mini-reviews of the lesser known artists because usounds is for everyone, big and small.

This artwork kind of freaks me out

Jessica Penrose Words Become Flesh
Jessica’s MySpace
File under: Redefining Christian
Recommended if you like: Piano, Spirit, Tori Amos, God, Flesh, Glory

The first track “I am” takes me by surprise. The album starts off with an ambulance siren, and I’m thinking, “holy shit, am I at a Manu Chao show?” (I’m not.) Then the lyrics:

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