Bearded pic taken from Castanets’ MySpace The man behind Castanets is mid US tour, yet takes time to talk with Shane Mehling about feline asthma, Freak Folk and (obviously) Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. usounds: What lessons did you learn from your last record that you addressed on In The Vines? Raymond Raposa: I learned to fry […]

The Sacramento band Cake recently left a major label and have started their own, named Upbeat Records. They are just about to release their first new album in three years, B-Sides and Rarities, which includes some appealing renditions of old classics and a few new tracks, presented as a multi-sensory delight with special Scratch Ďn […]

Eugene and some meat on MySpace Today on usounds, Travis Vogt asks Eugene Mirman a few questions about his involvement with Super Deluxe, time travel, martial arts and his plans for the future. Travis: What is it that appeals to you about working in the Super Deluxe format? Eugene: I like making short, weird videos […]

Photo courtesy of The Trucks Ladies and Gentlemen, fresh out of Bellingham, Washington.Ö. we have THE TRUCKS! No, The Trucks arenít a group of man-bears out for revenge against your mom because she caught your little sister humpty humpiní in the back of their skanky, and sickeningly smoky, VW Bus. Theyíre four luscious ladies who […]