Rating: 5.4 Soft rock has its place. It’s good in old folks homes, in the moving/inspirational/epiphanic moments of romantic comedies… but soft rock doesn’t fit in as the bastard child of one surprisingly good band, Luxe, a somewhat unknown early collaboration between Torquil Campbell, Chris Dumont and James Shaw (of Metric), and Campbell’s newest involvement, […]

Rating: 7.8 Eric Woodruff’s (of Bellhingham’s spacerock strongarm Delay) new project, Prosser, aims for a more autumnal and intimate sound this time around. Armed with a cast of Seattle-area musicians, and occasionally a cellist, Eric has been canvassing the area by playing at the Tractor, High Dive and the Comet Tavern, among others. Eric Woodruff‘s […]

Photo by Michael Alan Goldberg From the first note hit on Wednesday the Showbox stage was abouncin’. James Murphy, the pot-bellied, white t-shirt wearing head honcho of LCD Soundystem and co-founder of dance-punk label DFA Records, strode on stage amidst fanatical cheering from the minors corralled in the center floor area.

Rating: 6.0 Jay Farrar’s voice has always been a thing of unassuming beauty, a squeaky yet articulate vehicle for earnest tales of death, drugs and dreams. The tracks on his newest Son Volt release, The Search, find Jay hitting his stride again after a few not-so-great albums brimming with hesitant lyrics. With the addition of […]

Photo jacked from Elvis’ MySpace Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA March 30, 2007 The Tractor Tavern was the most appropriate host for the wistful Elvis Perkins and his backing band, Dearland. The grimy floors, dusty cowboy boots draped along the ceiling, multi-colored strings of light hung won ton across the ceiling and the bar’s propensity to […]