USOUNDS is pleased to present a first in a new series of features focusing on new and emerging artists. Our first artist is LA-based Christofer Chin (Tofer). Read the Q&A then click to our online gallery showcasing Tofer’s work

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TOFER: 26 / Male / Los Angeles, CA

U: You have a lot of musical references in your work, how has music affected your art?

T: Music is an everyday audio stimulation for me. 99% of the time I am working, painting, drawing, I am listening to music. With that being said, the titles of my most recent body of work are all named after songs that inspired each piece.
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‘Kick Ass Art Show’ in LA

For better, and often worse, porno and art are not always mutually exclusive mediums. Consider, or maybe you already have some late night, Behind the Green Door or The Devil in Miss Jones, adult features which sought to combine artful drama with the popular sight of human beings in congress. Still, ears prick up when the producers of such hits as Ten Man Cum Slam Parts 1-5 and Honey, I Blew Up Your Pussy sponsor an art show.
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