Citroën of the Month: 1973 Citroën SM


This beauty is being sold right now on eBay, so if you want a sleek SM in amazing condition, go check it out here. As mentioned in the description “The work was done by none other than Jerry at SM World – the established genius of these cars for the past 30 years.” If you’re not yet familiar with Jerry at SM world, we had a nice chat with him a while back and learned all about his operations in So. California. Quite a guy. He’s not too into the interweb, but he does know SMs like no one else on this planet.

Citroën of the Month: Jack Larson’s 1967 2CV

Editor-at-Large Jack Larson’s 2CV is a masterwork inside and out– much like the man himself.

Such an automobile inspires confidence and a certain attitude that allows one to take a smoke break while perched on the front fender, cooly surveying the world and knowing it is yours to win, lose, or throw away.

For a commemorative poster of this image, click here

Citroën of the Month: 1977 Ami 8

The Ami 8 doesn’t easily fit into the rest of the 70’s Citroën pack, but it’s the wildcard that helps unify the deck. Somewhere between a 2CV and a DS wagon, with a touch of Mehari, lies the Ami 8.

While not everyone appreciates it, (British humor site says “The Citroen Ami 8 is to automotive design what Yasser Arafat is to glamour modelling.”), it has its legions of fans, including the owner of the lovely beige model above. You can see more of his pictures (he’s owned dozens of Ami 8s) at his site,

Citroen of the Month: 1977 CX 2400 Prestige

Long and low has long been the USOUNDS creed when it comes to fine automobiles and general lifestyle. Perhaps the longest and lowest of all Citroens is the first series of CX’s which were launched at the Paris Salon in 1974. The CX was a replacement for the venerable DS, but never reached the heights of beauty that the CS achieved instantly. Still, if you want to go extremely long and very low, the CX can’t be beat. The 2400 Prestige model extended the car by a full 8 inches. More photos inside.

Photo credit: Citroen CX club of Holland. Danke, Lads.
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