Music News Highlights

Pitchfork: Deerhunter keep poop log. (Pun intended)

Touch and Go Records: Stream and pre-order brand new Pinback track, “From Nothing To Nowhere”. New album Autumn of the Seraphs to be released September 11th.

Rob and Zack are exhausted after burying a few dead bodies under a mossy hilltop

VBS Vid: Everyone loves Battles! (Except for one person I know.) Check out this boozy interview and practice session.

Aversion: Tom from Snow Patrol was arrested. The article doesn’t say why, so it’s pretty much useless, but we at usounds want to say- Stay strong Tom! You are one of the few who honestly answered our weird and borderline inappropriate interview questions. I love you man.

Music News Highlights

Art Brut added to Bumbershoot festival; poses nude for NME.


Pitchfork: Calexico tour and release new album Tool Box.

New Mando Diao streams for “Wildfire” on Real Audio or WMV.

Rolling Stone: The Beatles will soon be featured in a diaper commercial.

“All You Need is Luvs”

NME: The White Stipes play wacky gig venues on bus, in bowling alley and from inside a Honey Bucket.

Live vid of Destroyer playing brand new song, “Foam Hands” at Calgary’s Sled Island Fest:

Music News Highlights

NME: UNKLE to play first ever live show. Stream: “Burn My Shadow” from upcoming album War Stories.

See you later DJ Shadow

Seattle Powerpop is celebrating their one year anniversary tonight at the Sunset Tavern! Featured bands include: Sgt. Major, Dept. of Energy, Shake Some Action!, The Small Change, Andy Werth and The Knast.


NME: Peter Hook on the new Joy Division biopic: “The way I always like to look at it is that you can judge how good a film is by how many people go to take a piss during it, and only two people went for a piss – Bernard and a 70-year-old woman.”

Aversion: Peace out Sub Pop. Rogue Wave signs to Jack Johnson’s label?

Weird new Art Brut vid for “Direct Hit” featuring pears and togas:

Music News Highlights

Brand new Interpol stream for Pioneer to the Falls with incredible Windows Media light show!

Janet Reno has her own 3-disc compilation called, Songs for America featuring Devendra and Andrew Bird.

These fists were made for rockin’. Test Icicles guy goes country.

Catch The National live tonight on NPR around 10:00pm. Here’s the first video off their fifth album (Boxer) for “Mistaken for Strangers”:

Hood Internet: TV on the Radio vs UGK – “I was an International Player” [mp3]

Art Brut Contest

Art Brut at Sea Level Records

New Art Brut album, It’s a Bit Complicated, will be out June 19th. We are giving out signed posters and a cd samplers (including the songs “Direct Hit” “Pump up the Volume” and “Nag Nag Nag”) to celebrate this exhilarating occasion.

To win, listen to the stream below and tell us your best music video scenario for the song. Please send entries to: usounds AT gmail DOT com. Top three will receive a fun Art Brut prize pack. Sorry, this contest is limited to US, Canada and United Arab Emirates only.

“Direct Hit” Windows [stream] With amazing bonus light show!

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The Broken West I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On [Merge]

Rating: 1.0

The Broken West, a bright-eyed well tanned quintuplet hailing from the musical paradise of Los Angeles, have recently released their full length debut on Merge records, I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On, an album that I currently have the dubious pleasure of holding in my hands right now. It really is quite bad. I am finding right now that mere words, the only tools currently at my disposal, may very well be insufficient to describe the unfortunate noises entering my ears. So instead I encourage you to picture a modern day Sisyphus sitting on a chaise lounge in his living room sipping a brimming martini and sucking on an olive smartly plucked from the bottom of his glass. And instead of the rock that we may rightly have expected him to be pushing on his uphill treadmill, he is forced to walk, hands trembling, towards the stereo where he will push play, auto-repeat. And as I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On falls from the speakers and thrusts itself upon unwilling ears in a manner that could pierce the hymen of the most virtuous of virgins, he covers his face with his hands and settles into eternity.

Yes, that does seem to sum it up quite nicely – but don’t take my word for it, give it a listen yourself.

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