Modest Mouse – Missed the Boat Video

I went to the Download Festival at the Gorge this weekend, which might be one of the weirdest festival line-ups around. The Thermals, Arther & Yu and Heavenly States performed on the second stage. Nada Surf opened the main stage with a really boring set.

We had to sit through an hour of Presidents of the United States of America. I can’t believe those guys can still get away with singing about peaches, cats and frogs. And dune buggies. And Boll Weevils. I would rather listen to Raffi sing about Baby Beluga because at least his music openly targets children and retards.

This was followed by 90 minutes of Incubus. If there had been water anywhere in the desert, I would have taken a bath face down.

Fortunately Modest Mouse’s headlining set was fantastic. Two drum sets, accordion, violin, glockenspiel, stand up bass, some dude passed out drunk in the fetal position and Isaac Brock freestylin’ lyrics to old songs.

Music News Highlights

Rolling Stone: A preview for Martin Scorseseís Rolling Stones documentary Shine a Light has appeared online, though the movieís release was pushed back to next spring. The movie follows the Stones as they prepare for and play an intimate octogenerian gig at New Yorkís Beacon Theater in 2006.


The Les Savy Fav video contest seems to be going well. Ten hundy goes to the winner and here’s a leading contestant:

New The Go! Team Video

The new Go! Team album Proof of Youth will be out September 11th on Sub Pop and includes a cover of Sonic Youth’s “Bull in the Heather”. Here’s the lead single vid for “Grip Like A Vice”.

Music News Highlights – MIA and Dylan Movie

VBS.TV: MIA tells Spike Jonze about how her hairdresser was on horse tranquilizers during her last cut; Must wear wig now. Also, MIA’s new album, Kala received an 8.9 rating on Pitchfork today.

Galang a lang a lang lang! Photos of the six actors playing Dylan in the upcoming movie I’m Not There.

Tour of the Century: The Hold Steady with Art Brut! The Hold Steady also have a comic book now.