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Rolling Stone: Jimmy Buffet is suing Six Flags, claiming the theme park’s “Carrothead Club” for Bugs Bunny younger fans infringes on Buffet’s geriatric “Parrothead” community.

Some people claim that there’s a Carrothead to blame
But I know, it’s not the Parrothead’s fault

New Model Army High [Attack Attack Records]


Rating: 8.5

It’s been three years since their last album, Carnival, which was a rhythm section led masterpiece and now New Model Army have just released High, an album that sounds a little more akin to their typical songwriting style, but is no less compelling. The band have been described as being everything from punk to goth to folk, but the truth is that they have always eschewed categorization by just being themselves, a unique rock group led by Justin Sullivan, who continues to write intelligent, passionate music without effort. In this regard, High picks up where Carnival left off and New Model Army remain instantly identifiable and yet constantly evolving with another excellent release.

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Rolling Stone interview clip with Britt Daniel and Jim Eno:

Rolling Stone: Whatís the most rock star thing youíve ever done?

Britt Daniel: Ten years ago in Salt Lake City I jumped offstage and knocked somebody on his ass during a song. I was wondering why he was at the show because he kept giving me the middle finger. It was a pretty small show and there werenít a lot of people there, and I was like, ďHey, nuh-uh,Ē and he just kept doing it song after song. Finally he did it again and off we went.

Jim Eno: Britt jumped offstage, hit him, and then the crowd attacked the guy and dragged him out. And the rhythm section kept playing. The Bowie clothing line hits stores on Oct. 15 and will be available exclusively at Target. Wait…what?

David Bowie/Target Men’s Look #1

Tiny Mix Tapes:
The Forbes richest musicians list includes Bon Jovi. $67 in the shade. The Libertines working on a “Best of” album that should blow everyone away with their 2-album catalog.

MSNBC: Marilyn Manson serves up his own brand of absinthe (Mansinthe) and great hair.


Marissa Nadler Songs III: Bird on the Water [Kemado]


Rating: 8.4

What a pleasant surprise the new Marissa Nadler CD was when it arrived in my mailbox. She is a relatively new artist from rural Massachusetts whom I knew nothing about. Songs III: Bird on the Water is her third record, and it is her first that was professionally recorded. It is a folk album in the true sense of the word and it is great. There are no traces of what most would refer to as alt-country. Refreshingly, there is hardly one shred of country at all in this sophisticated collection of folk songs. The songs themselves are quite bare, with minimal ethereal accompaniment and contain a moderate amount of shimmer and echo. The songs are somber and haunting, and if I were to come up with a quick comparison, I would say that she sounds something like a modern day female Leonard Cohen, but she also grasps her own autonomous voice.

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Jamie T Panic Prevention [Caroline]


Rating: 8.2

“I think that’s the scrappiest version I’ve ever done of that in my life.”

That’s the line 21-year old Jamie Treays (aka Jamie T) uses to describe the album version of “Brand New Bass Guitar” to lead off his debut album, Panic Prevention, and I’d say that “scrappy” is an apt description of the album as a whole. He’s been compared to a number of seminal British musicians, from Joe Strummer to Mike Skinner, and those two influences in particular are apparent all over this album. He’s already been critically and commercially well-received over in the motherland, and is making moves in the States with his interesting blend of hip-hop (“So Lonely Was The Ballad”), spaz-dance-punk (“Operation”) and even a little scatting (“If You Got The Money”). The album flows seamlessly with vocal interludes all throughout and a very consistent tone, which might be what makes it so refreshing.

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