Usounds Does Sasquatch!!!


?Scott logging.Jared logging.

Usounds writers Scott Roots and SnuggleBot (Jared Fiechtner) head to George, Washington for the 6th annual Sasquatch Music Festival. They wanted to keep a journal to document the weekend…what they end up with is more important than all of the world’s newborn infants.


9:30 am, SR: Sasquatch 07. It begins. Our anxiousness is palpable. Snuggle Bot is running slow on sleep, but the needle points to F as far as his excitement is concerned. Sasquatch is jamming a car with people and stuff and driving two or three hours to a big field to drink with ten thousand people that all could be your new friends, more or less. Sasquatch is sitting, standing, and not much in between. Sasquatch is weed brownies. For me, last year?s ?Quatch was tarnished by a bad back that translated into a bad attitude. That?s why now, as I sit left nut in Holly?s ?92 Cavalier, I am so ready to turn this year?s festival on its head. Jared asks, ?Are those cows tiny or are they just far away? They look like little dogs.? As the urban jungle of Seattle gives way to the rolling hills and ?little cows? of rural Washington, I let the pre ?Quatch energy run over me. Picture it like I?m walking through a car wash and it?s set to “pre-‘Quatch with wax”.

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