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  1. I love Bjork, she is great! I think that she is the best of all singers and she is definitely the most original. Her videos are just perfect, they are worth much more to see than any other music videos. I LOVE YOU, BJORK!!! And i hope, you will have a concerts in Baltic states too!!!

  2. hi¡ i just want to say that i love Bjork, i live her music and i love her by herself. She is so original, and i like that. A few people from Costa Rica know abot Bjork and i think i’m faan number one. Her pictures are very nice as her videos (in espetial pegan poetry ).
    Thank tou very much for let me say this.
    i send you a big kiss and please do not change.
    be yourself all the time.

  3. i Just love bjork…she has giving me so much……listening to her has made me more aware ’bout life itself….i’m a writer most of what i weite is inspired by her as a person and as a singer..she’s so original and by far the world’s number 1 artist….i adore her….words can explain her perfectness..she’s my muse and i wish to see her someday and tell her how much she had changed my life to the better…

  4. When I meet Björk (she was dancing on the dark), I could not undertand why I had not listened anything of she before. Now Björk is a way to make me smile and feel out of this world. I adore the way she makes the music with fascinating screamings and lyrics. She makes me feel real and worried about the art of the common things. Breathtaking

  5. As a musician i can only say that Bjork is one of the greatest composers of all times. Her music does something to me that noone elses can.Every time i listen to her i become more and more impressed by her ability to transform her feelings into lyrics and music. She can make me happy and she can make me sad…She´s truly one of the greatest!!! With love and the deepest respect. Fluffy

  6. I love you ,for ever ,thanks for change the music a little, and you are my inspiration ever,allways.
    I’m from Argentina (Rosario) And ,I love your country Islandia is So beatifull ,don’t change never,a kiss…

  7. Bjork is the best. I was in Sopot W Festiwal. It was fantastic. Thank You Bjork, that You are.

  8. Bjork simply put inspires all and motivates all. Me as an artist can say so, she even inspired me to develop an art concept of my own. Hopefully one day soon I can do art work for her. She remains the most beautiful woman in the world, keep the music going and good luck on the Lake Album soon. The xenobabe is always in effect! Luv yah Bee. Pagan Poetry is the greatest.

    PS: yes yall it is pronounced Be-yurk.

  9. I just recently discovered this wonderful artist, and I must confess, I have a secret place in my heart for this very unique person. She is truely a artist set apart from any other I have ever heard. I am very discriminative in my music taste and find her to be a so eclectic in her music and her visual presence. I am currently writing a screenplay that I feel will truly be a terrific film. I see Bjork as one of the lead characters in my screenplay, and I hope to offer her this role as soon as I finish my work. She had a compelling role in “Dancer In The Dark”. I feel she could do this role and win an oscer!!!!

  10. Hi,I really like Björk!!!
    She is the best singer in the world!!!!
    My favorite songs are:
    All Is Full Of Love!
    Pagan Poetry!
    Army of me!
    All her albums!!!!!!!!!!
    I was at Juan Carlos 1st Auditory (Spain,Madrid)
    And I can say is the best thing that i’ve lived ever!! I can’t explain,i’m learning english,but i hope all of you can understand me.
    If you want to write with me,this is my mail address Flordelapolinesia@hotmail.com (My name’s Nany!
    1 kiss from Spain!!!!

  11. Bjork never dies! Only the unintelligent hate her because she’s just too superior to their knowledge.

    Regards to every Bjork fan!!

  12. well, I love Bjork, is the best singer on the world, her songs are mistic, and her voice is beautiful, pegan poetry is the best song that I´ve listened, is perfect, in fact all her songs are perfect, sorry for my english but I´m from México and I don´t know write and speak very good but I try, and I hope you understand

  13. I´m may again, i am a singer too, i song opera, and i like me song like Bjork, her voice is perfect i don´t find words to explain how bigger is her, i knew her for “dancing in the dark”, the picture most interesat and original than i´ve seen. Maybe someone gonna kill me for say the follow, but i never have listened any voice like she, any singer of opera, yeah i know that the tecnic is different, but i feel her voice very natural, from the soul, i´m fanitc of bjork, and i´m very happy for that, ´cause i never had someone to inspirate me like she do, in fact sometines i think that her music is like the drogs, you can´t leave to hear.
    And please, Bjork come to MEXICO, here we love you, and i want to hear you in life in person, i´ll want to go to your concerts i don´t care pay anything, the money is not important, jaja i think that´t i´m going crazy for your music.
    someday i´ll song like you, Bjork you are my way my inspiration, and i have to meet you, and song together jiji
    my name is mayari, i don´t know what most talk

  14. Bjork!

    Like a ghost, I’m gonna haunt you

    When will you be mine?

    Best girl singer of this generation.

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