Blackstar Live Unreleased mp3

Mos Def and Talib Kweli’s new Blackstar album won’t be out for a while, but for the next few days you can download this version of their new track “What’s Beef” that they performed live on the Chapelle show.

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7 thoughts on “Blackstar Live Unreleased mp3

  1. yo i feel this track yo but also respect to our fallen heros in iraq. peace.

    -0- body rock -0-

  2. No one is going to leave my cheese out in the wind so just send the kiddies to grandma’s and meet me at Jack in the Box.

  3. I truly feel that this is a time in hip-hop that will embark upon the inner guidance that we all need. In the 60’s there was a social movement and I believe that current economic times and political events have forced this to happen again, but this time it’s hip-hop that will turn heads and utilize freedom of speech. We need to take this to a much higher level and listen to the lyrics.

    Nothing comes easy


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