Borat Soundtrack [Atlantic]


Rating: 5 stars 

At start, I did not know what make of crazy type musics called
“Stereophonic Musical Listenings that Have Been Origin in Moving Film,
‘Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation
of Kazakhstan'”. So, I listen for about three week with no pants, and
now I like much better. Every time I make for dancing. It number-one
favorite musics of all time…nice.

For real though, this soundtrack is ridiculous—which, if you’ve seen
the movie, should come as no surprise. In addition to a slew of
outlandish songs (none of which are from Kazakhstan, by the way) there
are unforgettable clips from the movie, like that guy at the rodeo who
warned Borat to “stay away from them that kiss” before mentioning that
our country should exterminate all homosexuals. Oh, but first he
advised Borat to shave his moustache, because it made him look like an
A-rab. Yes, apparently that’s how you pronounce Arab in Virginia:

Let us not forget the charming frat boys from South Carolina who
assured Borat that he was better than a woman. But wait! There are
more gems here than those precious bits of dialogue. Who could forget
such classics as “In My Country There is Problem (Throw the Jew Down
the Well)” and “Grooming Pubis”? I sure can’t. They’ve taken up
residence in my brain like cockroaches that just won’t fucking die.
And who out there doesn’t love “Siki, Siki Baba”, “Chaje Shukarije”
and “Born to Be Wild”? They’re damn likeable in a
never-going-to-listen-to-it-in-public kind of way.

See, the thing about this album is not that I don’t enjoy listening to
it; it’s just that I have no idea what to do WHILE I’m listening to
it. It isn’t appropriate for driving. It isn’t appropriate to listen
to on my iPod at work. It isn’t appropriate to listen to on the bus.
It isn’t appropriate to put on my iPod at all. I suppose I’ll
recommend it, but only after you take the following quiz:

Do you listen to obscure ethnic music just to confuse the people around you?
Do you own nipple tassels?
Do you kiss your sister with your tongue?
Have you been waiting years for someone to come out with a Gypsy cover
of “Born to Be Wild”?

If you can honestly answer ‘yes’ to at least three of those questions,
I don’t think we can ever be friends; but you might enjoy this CD. I’m
not going to lie to you—the whole thing makes me feel like I’m high on
PCP. Which is incredible, considering that I’ve never done PCP.
Frankly, after this, I don’t feel like I need to.

– Lily Cutler

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