USOUNDS is pleased to present a first in a new series of features focusing on new and emerging artists. Our first artist is LA-based Christofer Chin (Tofer). Read the Q&A then click to our online gallery showcasing Tofer’s work

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TOFER: 26 / Male / Los Angeles, CA

U: You have a lot of musical references in your work, how has music affected your art?

T: Music is an everyday audio stimulation for me. 99% of the time I am working, painting, drawing, I am listening to music. With that being said, the titles of my most recent body of work are all named after songs that inspired each piece.

U: Do you do street art?

T: I began exhibiting my work via the public sector, producing public work nationally and internationally. I am currently exhibiting my large and small scale paintings in various galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Australia. However, I still love street art and follow it religiously. During my travels (preferably outside of the U.S.), I love producing public work specific to my surroundings.

U: What makes the art scene in LA different from other places?

T: In general, LA is unlike any other place in the world – primarily because of it’s size and the vast area it covers. This applies to the LA art scene in that it is extremely spread out. I feel that LA has lots of young, fresh talent making an impact on contemporary art today.

U: Where can people view your work?

T: Slides of my work are available at The Drawing Center in New York. You can also see some of my work at: … John Trippe has also been so kind enough to post a selection of my works over the past few years and an interview with me at:… Thanks to Marc and Sara, you can view some of my street art at: … and my work frequently appears in ROJO Magazine: (thanks David and Marc — love you guys!) — Otherwise, feel free to shoot me an email at: tofer (AT SYMBOL)

View Tofer’s Work

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