Rating: 6.0 British Columbia native, Carolyn Mark, has been active in the country music world since the early 1990s. She established herself by performing all over Canada and frequently tours the West coast of the United States. In 2000, she released a CD with Neko Case under the band name the Corn Sisters before wandering […]

Rating: 8.5 While Sunset Rubdown may be referred to as Spencer Krugís (Wolf Parade) side-project, their third album, Random Spirit Lover, sounds less like a side-project and more like a swan song.†Through the album’s lengthy fifty-eight and a half minutes, Krug is able to†manipulate the poetic chaos in a seemingly effortless way, giving equal time […]

Rating: 8.2 “I think that’s the scrappiest version I’ve ever done of that in my life.” That’s the line 21-year old Jamie Treays (aka Jamie T) uses to describe the album version of “Brand New Bass Guitar” to lead off his debut album, Panic Prevention, and I’d say that “scrappy” is an apt description of […]