Music News Highlights

Despite what Shane Mehling said about ghosts, (“hey fuckers, stop talking about ghosts…”) Band of Horses still name their first single “Is There A Ghost”. And you can stream it on MySpace.

Yahoo News: Did some asshole kill Beethoven?

(Not the St Bernard dog even though in Beethoven I his vet secretly tried to kill him too)

NME: Billy Corgan thinks American girls are sluts.

The only person who could legitimately write a song about ghosts or star in Powder II

Rolling Stone: You might sleep better at night knowing that “U2’s next album is ‘making itself'” according to producer Daniel Lanois.

Music News Highlights

NME: Stephen Malkmus tears the V Festival and Kasabian a new one. “You need Viagra to get through that roster of bands.” Except for the Cribs. Steve loves the Cribs.

Pitchfork: New Wolf Parade song live at the Wolfe Island Music Festival in Wolfland.

Music News Highlights – MIA and Dylan Movie

VBS.TV: MIA tells Spike Jonze about how her hairdresser was on horse tranquilizers during her last cut; Must wear wig now. Also, MIA’s new album, Kala received an 8.9 rating on Pitchfork today.

Galang a lang a lang lang! Photos of the six actors playing Dylan in the upcoming movie I’m Not There.

Tour of the Century: The Hold Steady with Art Brut! The Hold Steady also have a comic book now.

Music News Highlights

Yahoo: Uncle Kracker arrested for sex crime; could Drift Away into the slammer for an ass pounding.


NME: Speaking of slammers, Dirty Pretty Things and The Enemy will be playing a prison gig next week. New Beck song, “Time Bomb” will be available on iTunes tomorrow.

Rolling Stone is real into lists these days. The latest is “Songs that make you want to commit violent acts and/or blow your brains out”.

New Farrelly Bros./Ben Stiller movie looks more promising than Night at the Museum. The soundtrack features new Flaming Lips and old David Bowie.