Music News Highlights

IMDB: I’m Not There is a film about the life of Bob Dylan to be released in the US in November. The film follows seven characters, each embodying a different aspect of Dylan’s life story and music. The cast playing Bob Dylan includes: Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett (?), Richard Gere (??), and Chingy.

Chingy pic of the week

NME: Radiohead album cover artwork collected in new book. Who knew that Dr. Tchock has been producing Radiohead’s artwork since 1995?

Music News Highlights

Tiny Mix Tapes: Worms eating mp3’s.

NME: After some confusion, it turns out that Keith Richards really DID snort his Dad’s ashes.


Kill Rock Stars: Today would have been Elliott Smith’s 38th birthday. In honor of Smith, Kill Rock Stars are giving away a free mp3 off the New Moon Collection, “Angel in the Snow.”

Matablog: In a Bon Jovi/Mijovi/Hamjovi follow-up, Ira Kaplan (of Yo La Tengo) writes, “In case you were ever confused about the difference between our band and Bon Jovi (which would only be natural since we’re both from New Jersey), we’re the ones who are litigious.” (See:  Yogotango)

Music News Highlights

Rolling Stone: David Cross vs. J Mascis on Guitar Hero (with link to video). Cross said he only put 98% into it because he’s saving the remaining 2% for later tonight when he makes love.


Yahoo News: Queensryche are working on a new album in Seattle. This one is called: Operation: “theme record based on modern American life, sort of a social commentary”.

Matablog: Mark Ibold is now a touring member of Sonic Youth.

mark.gif I think the easiest or most attainable request for people currently in the Make A Wish Foundation to make would be for The Eagles to get back together.  Because it’s happening…with new album and tour.

Music News Highlights

The Hello Experiment: A group of blindfolded sculptors attempt to form Lionel Richie’s sweet head out of clay. Just like the Hello music vid only f’ed up.

Rolling Stone: McDonald’s and Burger King are trying to enter the music industry. Burger King to offer DRM-free tracks of Robbie Williams, Corinne Bailey Rae and Iron Maiden (?). Apparently that freaky King with the giant head also likes to wake up to an eclectic taste in music.

Music News – R. Kelly Nude (Mannequin) More news on the next installments of R. Kells’ Trapped in the Closet – “The new round of Trapped videos finds Kelly portraying an old man named Randolph, complete with a pot belly and a fake white beard that nearly falls off mid-scene…”

R. Kells nude mannequin (sans fake beard or merkin) probably won’t be as popular as Jane Birkin Nude New “Can’t Tell Me Nothin'” (Zach Galifianakis version) vid posted. Zach and Will Oldham get down with some tractors and Amish kids.

NME headline of the week: Coldplay: ‘Our new album has Hispanic theme.’ However, Chris Martin explains there will be no maracas or castanets. I hope it sounds like Cinco de Michael.


Drowned in Sound: The Cribs think all bands (except for two or three) are complete and total rubbish. They aren’t naming names, but that is OK because they all have really great hair.


New albums out this week:

allen.jpg The Bishop Allen – The Broken String “Rain” [mp3]
vipers.jpg Tiny Vipers – Hands Across the Void “On This Side” [mp3]

robbers.jpg Robbers on High Street – Grand Animals “Crown Victoria” [mp3]

yeah.jpg Yeah Yeah Yeahs – The Is Is “Rockers to Swallow” (live) [mp3]