The Best of MySpace: Seaweed Jack


MySpace: Seaweed Jack
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As you may already know, usounds listens to all 196,442 bands on MySpace. This is 97 more bands than last week! I was not enamored by any of these new 97 bands and crossed MySpace paths with Seaweed Jack instead.

Seaweed Jack is pretty much the shit out of Spokane, WA since the garbage-eating metal goat was erected in Riverfront Park during expo ’74. For those unfamiliar, you hold trash up to the goat’s mouth which triggers a suction and pulls the trash out of your hand, and shoots it out the goat’s ass into a trash compactor.


Goats aside, the best way to describe Seaweed Jack would be if Modest Mouse joined the carne or if Devotchka rocked 80 times harder than they already do or some wild combination of these two bands. Jack has also been tagged as “carnival graveyard jazz”. Damn, this music would have been the perfect soundtrack for HBO’s warped Carnivale series.

Check out all four tracks streaming on Seaweed Jack’s MySpace, but highlights include “Into the Wind” and “Open Face Crab Sandwich”. Sometimes when the guitars really kick in on “Into the Wind” I find myself floppin’ around the office floor like a sea bass out of water. “Crab Sandy” is strangely manic and intense like nothing you’ve ever heard before. A new album called Haunt (released in July), and The Captain are both available on iTunes for fuck’s sake. Check it out because these guys are gonna be huge.

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  1. This is really cool. I think I’m in love with Seaweed Jack and would give birth to their green algae babies.

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