New Band Feature: Saturna!

Photo by Justin Dylan Renney

Today’s USOUNDS new band feature brings the spaced-out, jovian sounds of Portland, Oregon’s Saturna. Band members Ryan, Eric, and Steve sent us a really catchy mp3 called Pop Rocks, and answered a few questions about the new album, Chuck Norris, and how much ass they get as a band.

USOUNDS: What can you tell us about your new album, All Night?

ERIC: We concocted it in Steve-O’s super-secret underground lair, fueled by credit cards and bountiful amounts of lousy Mexican food. The last song is the same as the third song. And we’ve never met the girl in the All Night photograph, but we’d like to tell her thanks. Thanks!
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New Mars Volta Album

The first single off The Mars Volta’s new album is called “Viscera Eyes.” Stream this 9 minute track on MySpace. A good soundtrack for any tractor-trailer who might be carrying 43 thousand pounds of hogs.

Amputechture will be released on August 22nd:
Vicarious Atonement
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Dr Octagon Decipher Series Part 3

Dark clouds have descended over the OCD offices. It’s been three weeks since receiving the mysterious package from the good Doctor and they are nowhere closer to deciphering his message for the people of earth. What’s worst is their two previous code crackers have become useless. Mike Relm has been only responding in binary code, which when deciphered, says

“Times up Ants move with the bell”

The Gray Kid has been committed to a mental hospital. They last heard he has been scribbling on the walls:

“Look at them crawl, look at them climb up the wall, like roaches”
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The Vacation Contest

Win a signed, limited-edition poster that Ben Tegel of The Vacation created (see above), plus the new CD. Just be the first to email with “The Vacation” in the subject line. Also, it’s okay if you mention Gnarles Barkley somewhere too since that’s such a hot scene right now.
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