Cessna Mp3s

Two years in the making, Terminus could easily stand as Cessnaís masterpiece. (If they needed one). For their third Radio Khartoum outing, our Finnish pop ambassadors have finally put longtime keyboard companion Mikko Ojanen (of analog synth outfit Nu Science) behind the producerís desk. The resulting album expands considerably on the Cessna palette, but thanks to Mikkoís warm production and exquisite editing (and, dare we say, the bandís impeccable taste) what should be a bumpy ride of mad segues proves an intense and satisfying voyage: pop by way of the classic Scandinavian breeze, Os Mutantes and Gainsbourg, garage and psych by way of The Famous Boyfriend, The Monochrome Set, Velvet Underground, Section 25 and Can, laid back and spacious cowboy riffs as best exemplified by Cessna themselves, a gorgeous rainy-day synth and acoustic guitar number no one knows quite how to classify, and a haunting piano and feedback epilogue. (write up from Radio Khartoum)

Mp3s: Encore toujours, Book

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