Dr Octagon Decipher Series Part 6

Paris, France; at a streetside café on the wrong side of the river Seine, Kid Loco sips an aperitif while staring intently at his laptop screen, He is reviewing updates on the Decipher project from OCD HQ and he can’t believe what he’s reading. A planet destroyed by Dr. Octagon clones; fellow decipherers gone delusional and then cured by a mysterious cure; abducted hackers claiming to have met the real Dr. Octagon years ago; gorillas driving pick up trucks… How do all these events fit in with each other? What does it all mean?

Kid Loco inhales deeply and looks skyward. How can he, a hopeless romantic, an urban artist raised on the boulevards of Paris, be expected to wrap his head around these seemingly inexplicable ongoings in the U.S.? Whatever’s going on there, may soon spread everywhere. He knows if he just concentrates and focuses, maybe, just maybe, he can come up with the missing link to tie it all together.

He reaches into his pockets and pulls out a smooth-rolled blunt of rare Pakistani hashish – Kid Loco’s secret psychic weapon that he likes to call the Three Feet High Reefer. He lights it up, puffs it up, closes his eyes and prepares to Zen out. His dubbed out re-interpretation of “A Gorilla Driving A Pick-Up Truck (Banana Loco Mix)” cues itself onto his mp3 playlist.

Kid Loco lets his mind do the walking, through each of the tracks on the Dr. Octagon recording. It sounds almost as if the Dr. Octagon on this new recording, is not quite the same man (creature?) that produced the perverted Dr. Octagynaecologist 10 years ago. As the purple haze thickens, Loco realizes that “Trees” is clearly a warning on the dangers of pollution. We know the Earth’s environment generally disagreed with Dr. Octagon, turning his skin “green and silver, warhead lookin’ mean”. Loco smacks his lips to the sweet, sticky fumes and thinks about the lyrics on “Ants”, where the Doctor is above the clouds, looking down on humans tiny as ants. Perhaps, this is a new perspective to help us remember how ephemeral our existence is?

There’s “Perfect World”, where Octagon declares, “Men with suits & ties sitting call the shots from a chair / Hummers comin’ at night with dark light / More drama looking thru the sun roof at a stealth bomber.” With the political messages behind “Jumpstart” and “Eat It”, Octagon demonstrates a certain sympathy for the human race, instead of the self-destructive tendencies he displayed previously. Has the Doctor been reborn? Is he offering us a key to ending suffering and pestilence? Is this recording the ying to Dr. Octagynaecologist’s yang? Then… maybe the foul circumstances surrounding this recording have more to do with someone trying to prevent Dr. Octagon from succeeding in our salvation?

As the sweet, sticky fumes subside, a green Chevy pick-up truck rolls to an abrupt stop on the curb, directly in front of Kid Loco. A huge, hairy ape in a spacesuit wrestles the door open. He steps out, stretches his arms and legs, and purveys the scene. He spots Kid Loco, walks over to him, and takes a seat. He speaks in a low, gruff voice.

Gorilla: “So, Kid Loco. You think you have it all figured out, huh?”
Kid Loco: “Why are you trying to stop Dr. Octagon?”

The gorilla guffaws, snorting through his enormous nostrils. He shoots Kid Loco an evil grin, and in a sudden flash he’s gone. Only later does Kid Loco realize that the gorilla took off with the ¼ ounce he had neatly tucked away in his jacket pocket. “Merde”, Kid Loco shouts furiously; “We are going to find you, monkey. And we are going to get to the bottom of this.”

“A Gorilla Driving A Pick-Up Truck” – Kid Loco (Banana Loco Remix)

The Return of Dr. Octagon hits stores June 25th.

This gripping segment has been brought to you by World’s Fair Records.

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