Fairfax Reviewed by Chaz Bartok

Fairfax is a band that sounds like a lot of other bands, which is their biggest problem. The formula is pop-punk, basically hooky songs with crunchy guitars done in a fast tempo, but with some emotional singing about a bunch of crap no one cares about.

But there is talent lurking beneath the radio-friendly sounds, the singer has a great voice which would be a lot better if he started singing about some real shit, like getting loaded and driving around in custom Trans Ams with 3 or 4 hott ladies itchin’ for some real lovin’. But instead we get pussy stuff that I just can’t get into. Sure, I may be an acne-scarred 3-time loser with a greasy mane and a built-in-bong in my cherry ‘am, but I know when shit needs to rock a lot harder and that’s the problem here. I need some edge in my music and this is all KROQ speciality lite-punk. I wish these dudes well because clearly they’re looking to get famous, but unless they unleash the beast within, they won’t be rockin’ my scene any time soon.

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