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Usounds has been really busy for the last week and a half recruiting new writers, finding rare albums and bangin’ hos. So they pulled my ass out of the Himalayas to join the usounds reserve (which is kind of like the Army reserve but with less soldiers and more hard drugs and hella bitches) to do some mp3 reviews.

Georgie James “Need Your Need” [mp3]

I have to admit that I’m not totally sold of the band name Georgie James because it kind of reminds me of a Golden Girls episode. The song “Need Your Needs” immediately makes me think of a (good) New Pornographers song. Check it out and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. But get this- Georgie James only has 2 members and doesn’t need like 16 of those fuckers to create a full, harmonic sound like that.

One half of Georgie James is John Davis (ex Q and not U) and “Need Your Needs” is littered with the catchy rock funk (without the thrash) found on Q and not U’s No Kill No Beep Beep. The other half of Georgie James is some broad.

Well, I’m gonna work on my own needs and find some fresh tail, but be sure to check in next time.

Need Your Tour Dates:
Thu-Sep-13, London, UK, Barfly
Fri-Sep-14, Birmingham, UK, Sunflower Lounge
Sat-Sep-15, Leeds, UK, Royal Park Cellars
Sun-Sep-16, Manchester, UK, Night & Day
Mon-Sep-17, Nottingham, UK, Red Room
Tue-Sep-18, Rotterdam, NL, Rotown

Thu-Oct-04, Troy, NY, Revolution Hall
Fri-Oct-05, Montreal, QC, Main Hall
Sat-Oct-06, Ottawa, ON, Barrymore
Sun-Oct-07, Toronto, ON, The Mod Club
Mon-Oct-22, Chapel Hill, NC, Local 506
Tue-Oct-30, San Diego, CA, The Casbah
Wed-Oct-31, Los Angeles, CA, The Echo
Thu-Nov-01, San Francisco, CA, Rickshaw Shop
Sat-Nov-03, Portland, OR, Holocene

10/4-7 with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
10/30-31 with Tristeza
10/30-11/3 with Aqueduct

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