Gnarls Barkley Contest of the Year


In honor of the ten million Gnarls Barkley Grammy wins, we are looking to give away a deluxe Gnarls package.  Gnarls released a limited edition package 3-D CD + DVD with exclusive audio and vids.  There are things about this package that will blow your mind….who doesn’t love a good fuckin 3-D lenticular rendition of the album art?  Seriously.  3-D.  And the 92-page booklet that comes with?  I am literally scraping pieces of my blown mind off the desk with a stapler. 

Anyway, write to usounds AT gmail DOT com and tell us your favorite part about the Smiley Faces Video linked below.  The best email (sorry, US, Canada and Algeria only) will win a copy of the deluxe Gnarls package.  If you have any trouble with the flash player, just make some shit up.  Good luck!

Smiley Faces Video

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