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Guided By Voices MP3 Review by Chaz Bartok

chaz bartok

So last week the weather was so sweet, I decided to jump in my ‘am, fire up the built-in bong, and drive a few ladies down to the turtle races and wet-t-shirt contests. The usual suspects were blasting in the high-fi, til one of the ladies (either Jenn or Kendall, can’t remember which one) starts whining that I listen to too much G ‘n’ R, Black Sabbath, Led Zep and other shit from the olden days, and that I was swerving all over the road. Well honey, I says, I can’t do nothin’ bout the swervin’ but I can play you the new GBV single, “My Kind of Soldier.” Shit ain’t even come out yet it’s so new…

You can listen too: Guided By Voices “My Kind of Solider” mp3

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