Jack Johnson Review

It was about a year ago when I first listened to the tunes of Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Fairytales. At the time, I was making a road trip from Boston to Maine and was in dire need of the right type of music for my journey.

A friend overheard I was searching for quality cruising tunes and gave me a copy of Jack Johnson minutes before I was on my way.

I played the Cd as soon as I left the city limits. It was a bright summer day and the hours melted away as I meandered into the heartland of Maine. The sweet melodies poured from my Chevy Lumina’s hifi and gave me the feeling I was riding clouds.

Brushfire Fairytales is a perfect cruising companion. Its songs deal with an entire spectrum of topics that range from having fun with friends, to falling in love and the inevitable painful heart break. Because of its cool melodies and sassy lyrics, Brushfire Fairytales appeals to people with soul and heart, even if they don’t want to admit it. The stoners, the hopeless romantics, the all-night fraternity partiers, and the cynic afraid to let it show can find common ground around Jack Johnson’s American bonfire party.

Today, I find myself blazing a trail from Phoenix to LA. Just like the bird that came out of the ashes, I find myself with a renewed spirit. And like last year, I find myself alone on the road in need of a travelling companion. It will be a straight line to the city of angels. It just happens that Jack is at it again with his new album On and On.

As I hit highway 10 out of Phoenix, I find a Wal Mart and pick up a copy of On an On. Jack has picked up where he left off. It doesn’t get more American in the heartland– Wal-Mart, fine tunes, and a solid anonymous American car to spirit me through the desert to a metropolis built on the sand.

This time, Johnson’s sound is crisper and a tad more mature. The characteristic patient lullaby is still there to carry your journey as it was a dream. Crusing past monuments to unfettered capitalsim dwarfed by nature’s beauty, I was lifted into the big sky country and watched myself speed below.

From the top of the world, this has been Tex Betancourt, celebrating Independence of the Mind Day, and saying welcome to the party to all my friends around the world…

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